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Treistel Innovative Solutions Pvt.Ltd
Room No: 10/37, Kolangara Shopping Complex
Opp: Hdfc Bank, Thumboor P.O (680662)
Thrissur, Kerala, India

Phone Numbers: +91-9946104579 / 9895664279

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  • Quality is the foundation upon which we measure our excellence.
  • It is our practice and policy to hold all information shared with us by our clients in the strictest confidence. Under no circumstances do we reveal information without prior approval.
  • The company has team of well-motivated professionals consisting of experienced Engineers, Managers and Technicians.
  • Apart from the Telecom Engineering services our teams can provide the necessary Telecom Electrical activities.
  • The Company also have the necessary General mechanical and special tools & tackles to meet the standards of our clients.
  • We provide services on technologies of GSM, CDMA and LTE.

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